Always Airworthy

Absolute confidence that your aircraft is compliant, safe, and ready for flight.

Mxtracker aircraft status
Tablet components

Next-Gen Aircraft Maintenance Tracking

Everything you need to keep track of routine aircraft maintenance, discrepancies, deferrals, life-limits, flight logging and more … all from your smartphone or tablet.

MXTracker Works Wherever You Do

Get access to your aircraft’s status and record flights and discrepancies–at any time, from anywhere. MXTracker works with or without a network connection.

Great For Pilots

Just push “start” and flight data is recorded for you, online and off. Use our chat-based discrepancy resolution tools to see if your squawks are resolved. Get aircraft status at the push of a button. It’s like having a mechanic in your pocket.

Effortless For Mechanics

All the control of a spreadsheet, but with real-time speed and seamless sharing. Streamlined data-entry tools make updating records a breeze. Proactive, prioritized “push” alerts and reminders ensure that you never miss a maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to pay for each aircraft we onboard?

Unlike other, more costly solutions, there’s no per-aircraft cost for MXTracker. Add as many as you like!

Does this solution work for large teams?

Aeyrium’s MXTracker is a robust, ultra-scalable solution for teams and fleets of any size. There are advanced permission controls that your admin can use to establish fine-grain control over who has access to data and what they are allowed to do with the system.

How can I be confident your app is secure?

How do I enter (hobbs, cycles, etc) after a flight?

Aeyrium’s MXTracker in-flight data recording features will automate many of the data points that you usually collect. For things like hobbs, cycles and other tracked metrics, we pre-fill where we can so you don’t have to do any unnecessary data entry. For the critical information that we need you to provide, our patent-pending user interface will enable you to enter data quickly and easily. All said, recording a flight only takes a few seconds of your time.

How do I know when maintenance is due?

At any time you can check the status of any aircraft in your fleet using the MXtracker mobile application or web console. Additionally, everyone on your team will also receive proactive maintenance alerts. MX alerts are also prioritized, so you know what’s urgent and what’s coming up.

How does MXTracker help me log a squawk or discrepancy deferrals?

Real-time squawking is built right in. Forget about cumbersome clipboards or paper forms. MXTracker connects you with your entire maintenance team in real time. You can even share photos and videos.

If the discrepancy can be deferred based on your aircraft’s MEL, we also have the ability to record the deferral and turn it into a maintenance reminder for your team to follow up on after your flight.

How long does the MXTracker take to learn?

Our intuitive user interface gives you a true “pick up and use” experience. There’s no training required.

Is MXTracker only for large operators?

Not at all! Our solution is extremely simple to use and for individuals, is completely free to use.

What is required to onboard an aircraft and can I do it myself?

Allow about a day per aircraft model. Typically you’ll need to gather chapters 4 and 5 for your aircraft’s airframe and engine maintenance manuals as well as your logbooks. Using our software you can fully onboard yourself at no additional cost. If you are interested in having us help you onboard, our professional onboarding team can help you get started fast.

Will the app work even if I have no network connection?

Absolutely. This critical feature truly separates us from our competition. Record your flight, log discrepancies and see the real-time maintenance schedule for your aircraft. Anytime. Anywhere.