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Absolute confidence that your aircraft is compliant, safe, and ready for flight.

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Aeyrium Basic
$79.99 /yr
Aeyrium Pro
Aircraft/Fleet Status
Upcoming Maintenance
Component Status
Flight Logs
Record a Flight
Record Maintenance
Ground an Aircraft
Return to Service
Share Aircraft Info
"I'm so glad I don’t have to wait for CAMP to be updated after flights or repairs. I always know the status of my jet"
- Chaz Spires, Chief Pilot

Aeyrium makes your job easier

Enjoy the confidence that comes from knowing the exact status of your aircraft. The days of scribbling notes and handing them to your mechanic are over. Automatically monitor and record flight data with perfect accuracy. Always know when the next maintenance is due. Never doubt that you can complete your mission.
The days of spreadsheets and shoeboxes are over. Real time flight data automatically updates component status and maintenance schedules. Receive squawks live and resolve issues fast. Minimize downtime by easily seeing what’s coming up. Never be caught off-guard by routine maintenance. No longer fear overflying.
Operators & Owners
Manage your fleet regardless of size, with the level of technology previously reserved for the airlines. Maximize uptime as your team operates from the same page. Aeyrium improves the efficiency of every role in your company through automation and elimination of redundant data entry. Never make an uninformed decision again.
"Paperwork was always the worst part of my job. Now I get to do more of what I love: dialing in the performance of our aircraft."
- Kenny Kinsfather, A&P Mechanic, USATS Inc.

Works Wherever You Do

"The more time our charter service is in the air, the more revenue we create. Aeyrium has dramatically cut our downtime from AOG."
- Christopher Barbera, Director of Operations, Mountain Lion Aviation

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To ensure your experience is flawless, we’re onboarding new users in groups. We’re executing a careful and controlled rollout. There’s no commitment or cost to get on the list, and the sooner you’re on it, the sooner you’ll be on-boarded. When you save your spot, you’ll receive an email confirming you’re on our preboard list. As soon as it’s your turn, we’ll invite you aboard. We know you’ll love Aeyrium--and because it’s better together, be sure to invite your team.
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