Weight & Balance Calculator

Computing weight and balance like you’ve never seen before.

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Made for Pilots by Pilots

Our app has been built from the ground up to quickly and accurately provide weight and balance calculations for nearly any general aviation aircraft.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of aircraft are supported?

The following aircraft are included as templates. You can edit the template to fit your aircraft or you can easily add a new one from scratch. WnB Pro is a flexible solution that easily adapts to your needs.


  • V35A
  • A36
  • B55
  • BE-35-C33


  • C-150M
  • C-152
  • C-172M
  • C-172N
  • C-172P
  • C-172R
  • C-172S
  • C-182P
  • C-182Q


  • SR-20
  • SR-22


  • DA-20-C1
  • DA-40


  • M20J
  • M20C


  • PA-28-140
  • PA-28-161
  • PA-28-180
  • PA-28-181
  • PA-28R-200


  • GX

NOTE: This application is not a substitute for proper flight planning and calculation of weight and balance in accordance with your aircraft’s POH.