Aeyrium Releases MXTracker

The First Affordable, Mobile Aircraft Maintenance Software

Minden, NV. (Oct 04, 2018) Aeyrium, Inc. today announced the release of its groundbreaking aircraft maintenance app, MXTracker. The mobile-first, cloud-based software streamlines critical communications between pilots, mechanics and owners to help ensure that maintenance records are timely, accurate and actionable. In addition to being the first genuinely user-friendly aircraft maintenance tracking solution, MXTracker is dramatically less expensive than legacy software, costing less than $10 per month per user.

“The private aviation industry is still using 20th-century tools to track crucial information about aircraft readiness,” explains company founder and CEO Rodney Aiglstorfer. “So much of this vital maintenance information is being recorded by hand or in spreadsheets, so it’s frequently out of date and inaccurate. But the legacy software out there is antiquated, complicated and prohibitively expensive.”

Aiglstorfer seized the opportunity to combine his unique expertise in mobile technology and aviation. He is the founder and former CTO of mFoundry (now part of FIS) where he was the principal visionary behind the company’s mobile technologies, products and services. With over a million active users, mFoundry is an industry leader in large-scale SAAS solutions for mobile retail and business banking services. Following his exit from mFoundry, Aiglstorfer, a pilot, founded Sierra Skyport, a Nevada-based flight training and aircraft leasing company, which he sold in 2014 (it now operates as Mountain Lion Aviation).

“I learned first-hand about the maintenance-tracking challenges faced by private-charter companies such as Part 135 operators with fleets of business jets,” he explains. “We realized the industry was ripe for disruption. MXTracker is a mobile-first solution tailored to the remote, sometimes extreme, operating conditions faced by pilots and mechanics of fixed-wing aircraft and rotorcraft.”

MXTracker’s key features include easy flight recording, offline access, real-time fleet status, component life-limit tracking, prioritized maintenance reminder alerts, and chat-based discrepancy resolution. Sleek and intuitive data-entry tools facilitate fast and accurate record-keeping on a smartphone or tablet.

Flight data captured by MXTracker–even offline–triggers the software’s webhook API to send push notifications about upcoming maintenance for that aircraft.

“Users get aircraft status at the push of a button, ending the “is it airworthy or not?” conundrum faced when manual records have not yet been updated,” explains Brian Doane, Aeyrium’s COO. “That uncertainty has been causing operators to ground aircraft ‘just in case’ and costs companies many thousands of dollars every year in lost revenue.”

Unlike the current solutions, MXTracker lets customers upload unlimited aircraft at no additional charge, and enables them to do their own on-boarding. MXTracker is free for up to two users, and for larger teams just $6.67 per user per month when billed annually. The company also provides custom integrations and concierge onboarding for larger enterprise users.

“There is almost no learning curve,” says Aiglstorfer. “So we’ve eliminated another cost of the legacy solutions, which is expensive training.”

MXTracker was also developed with special expertise in helicopter maintenance and operations, distinguishing it further from other software, all of which is designed primarily for fixed-wing aircraft. Part 133 operators who utilize industrial, heavy lift and long-line helicopters manufactured by Bell and Robinson will find the app ideal for their teams.

“Having electronic records, multi-organization support and secure sharing for teams doesn’t just benefit flight operations or maintenance departments, it helps all stakeholders, including insurance and leasing companies,” notes Aiglstorfer. “We’re very excited to launch this amazing new product.”

MXTracker is available for both iPhone and Android operating systems and can be found on the App Store or Google Play.

Aeyrium is an aviation software company based in Minden, Nevada and founded by CEO Rodney Aiglstorfer, whose past ventures include mFoundry, an industry leader in large-scale SAAS solutions for mobile retail and business banking services, and Sierra Skyport, a part 135 air-charter and flight training operator. MXTracker is the company’s signature mobile aircraft maintenance-tracking software.