A Pilot’s Weather App

METARs and TAFs like you’ve never seen before.

Pilot w x crop
Pilot w x m e t a rs


Visualize METARs (METeorological Aerodrome Forecasts) and TAFs (Terminal Area Forecasts) like never before!

Using PilotWX you will be able to quickly visualize:

  • Wind Direction
  • Gust Speeds
  • Air Temp
  • Dew Point
  • Visibility
  • Cloud Conditions
  • Flight Category
  • Ceiling


View current METARs as well as TAFs (Terminal Area Forecasts) with a simple swipe.

  • Forecasts
  • Graphical Weather Conditions
  • Cloud Conditions and Levels
  • Changing Wind Direction & Gust Speeds
Pilot w x t a fs
Pilot w x cloud levels

Cloud Levels

Visualize complex METAR and TAF cloud conditions.

  • Cloud Levels (Altitudes)
  • Surface Altitude
  • Type of Cloud Cover
  • Current and Future Conditions


Seach and save favorite weather reporting stations for METARs and TAFs.

  • Search by Airport Name or ICAO code
  • Support for Heliports and Custom Landing Sites
  • Find Airports and Stations Nearby or on Map
  • Quickly see visibility (VFR, IFR etc) for your favorites
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