Mxtracker screen flight recording running

In-Flight Recording

Push “start” and MXTracker records critical flight data–so you don’t have to. Data is captured whether you’re online or off, including time off, time on, time out, time in, distance, duration, flight path (over ground), speed and altitude.

Here is what is recordded automatically:

  • Time Off (wheels up)
  • Time On (wheels down)
  • Departure Airport (or GPS position)
  • Arrival Airport (or GPS position)
  • Flight Duration
  • Average Speed
  • Flight Path1 (over ground)

1Flight data can also be downloaded in KML format

Fast Data Entry

MXTracker makes pilot data collection fast, simple and convenient. Our unique, patent-pending data entry tools are optimized for effortless and accurate data entry.

Besides providing fast data entry tools, MXTracker

  • Origin and destination airports are set by GPS
  • Time Off and Time On are set automatically using sensors in your phone
  • Hobbs and Tach start times are pre-filled using value from previous flights
  • Special keyboard / slider for fast and precise time entry
Mxtracker screen hobbs ui

DIY Onboarding

You know your aircraft and your records better than anyone! Unlike our competitors’ software, there’s no special training, hand-holding or thousands of dollars of additional expense required to onboard an aircraft in MXTracker. Most customers find it takes them about a day to input the information, which includes Chapter 4 & 5 data and your MX logs. Once your aircraft data is uploaded, maintenance tracking is a breeze.

If you have a fleet to onboard or prefer personal assistance, our professional Onboarding Team is here to help, staffed by analysts with years of experience maintaining piston aircraft, jets and helicopters.

Aircraft Details

With MXTracker you’ll always know what is important instantly. Its like having your Director of Maintenance in your pocket.

MXTracker insures that you’ll only see what is urgent. We show you this information in terms of both calendar time as well as by metrics like theses:

  • Hobbs/Tach
  • Cycles
  • RINs
  • Torque-Events
Mxtracker aircraft status
Mxtracker aircraft status

Fleet Status

Get the status of any aircraft in your fleet at the touch of a button. See total times and hours remaining before maintenance is due, at a glance.

No more grounding aircraft “just in case” maintenance “might” be due. Make better-informed decisions when purchasing parts.

Offline Support

Get access to your aircraft’s status and easily record flights and discrepancies at anytime, from anywhere. MXTracker works wherever you do–with or without a network connection.

Perform any of these important functions, even when you’re offline:

  • Get aircraft status
  • View upcoming required maintenance
  • Log a flight
  • View past flights
  • Log discrepancies

As soon as you’re back online, logged discrepancies are sent, maintenance alerts triggered by updated data are sent, and current aircraft status is ready to share with everyone on your team.

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Aircraft maintenance tracking spreadsheet excel2

Better than Spreadsheets

MX spreadsheets are fragile, hard to keep up-to-date, and time-consuming. Worse yet, they’re not secure and they’re difficult (and risky) to share. MXTracker eliminates your MX-tracking burden by keeping your whole team on the same page, in real time.

  • Aircraft flight data is automatically updated–no more scribbled notes or delays in entering data
  • New data triggers proactive maintenance alerts–no more monitoring dozens of line items on a spreadsheet
  • In-app, chat-based discrepancy management speeds resolution of issues, even lets you include photos and video. (Try doing that with a spreadsheet.)
  • Patent-pending, rapid data-entry tools and pre-filled fields save time and increase accuracy.
  • Sharing is what MXTracker is all about. With no extra effort on your part, everyone knows the status of the aircraft. Better yet, the intuitive user interface requires no special training. If you can use a smartphone, you can use MXTracker.

Component & Assemblies

MXTracker tracks life limits on individual parts, as well as assemblies comprised of multiple parts–a unique advantage of our powerful software. For the first time, it’s easy to track inspections and record maintenance for individual component or complex assemblies.

Components can be tracked via any number of preset trackers

  • Hobbs/Tach
  • Cycles
  • Fractional Cycles1
  • Flights
  • Landing
  • RINS/ Torque Events

1MXTracker also records fractional cycles, a crucial differentiator for helicopters, which are not fully supported by conventional maintenance-tracking software

Mxtracker screen component detail
Mxtracker screen discrepancy

Discrepancies & Deferrals

Quickly and accurately document discrepancies–MXTracker even lets you include photos or video. Record discrepancies even when offline, and they’ll be automatically uploaded when back in coverage.

A deferred discrepancy can become a maintenance reminder which automatically takes into account the number of days allowed by the MEL.

If you have an MEL, record the deferral action. MEL deferrals are one of the biggest sources of friction in MX tracking. MXTracker makes it easy to record deferral actions using the in-app caputre tool.

Maintenance Schedules & Alerts

MXTracker ends maintenance surprises. Our notification engine ensures that you receive push reminders and alerts based on the latest data recorded, eliminating lag time and ensuring that you’re always on top of your MX schedule. Alerts are also prioritized.

MXTracker monitors both operating hours and months until inspections or maintenance are due, alerting you to whichever occurs first. With more predictable maintenance scheduling, you’ll also purchase parts more efficiently, eliminating the redundant, “just in case” inventory.

Maintenance Alerts

The days of obsessively monitoring your spreadsheet to schedule maintenance are over. MXTracker sends proactive, prioritized maintenance alerts via push notifications. Our best-in-class notification engine triggers alerts whenever the app receives new, actionable flight data.

No need to check and double-check your records. MXTracker keeps you on top of all required maintenance. It’s peace of mind in the palm of your hand.

Mxtracker screen reminder detail
Airbus helicopter landing on oil platform

Off-field Bases

MXTracker makes it easy for remote operators–including bush pilots, law enforcement, firefighters and military–to create their own off-field bases.

Define any number of unofficial landing zones or airfields using the app’s GPS, assign them a code, and store them as favorites.

Cloudbased Service

MXTracker’s robust, cloud-based software ensures that maintenance data is secure, updated in real time, and accessible to your team members.

  • Cloud-based sharing eliminates the asynchronous, never-quite-up-to-date data entry issues that can paralyze a maintenance team.
  • Upload as many aircraft as you like, and add as many team members as you wish. MXTracker is ultra-scalable. You’ll never run out of bandwidth.
  • State-of-the-art encryption and system redundancies ensure that your data is safe.
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Mxtracker screen flight logs

Flight Logs

Each flight has a direct impact on the maintenance schedule of an aircraft. The app collects flight data in real time and feeds it into our automated predictive maintenance engine.

Great for pilots

Just push “start” and flight data is recorded for you, online and off. Use our chat-based discrepancy resolution tools to see if your squawks are resolved. Get aircraft status at the push of a button. It’s like having a mechanic in your pocket.

Great for operators

Flight logs can be easily integrated with your billing systems using our Webhook API. For more information about integrations, please contact us.

Secure Sharing

Share important information while you stay in control. Admin tools enable you to assign specific roles and permissions to all your stakeholders, from pilots to mechanics to operators.

Provide view-only access to maintenance records for leasing companies, insurance companies and lenders.

Even more amazing … invite as many view-only users you need because they can use MXTracker for free.

Mxtracker screen permissions
Tablet components

Support for Rotorcraft

Unlike our competitors, MXTracker was built hand-in-hand with a team of professional helicopter pilots, mechanics and operators; and it shows in our product.

  • Off-field Bases - Log flights in and out of custom landing zones and bases.
  • Fractional Cycles - There is no rounding up. Track right to the decimal point.
  • Modular Assemblies - Move a major assembly or assessory, whether it is a Main Rotor Head Assembly or a Hook, from one aircraft to another.
  • Complex MX Schedules - MXTracker tracks RIN, Events and has support for tollerances. No spreadsheets or paper calculations required.

User Friendly

MXTracker is an essential everyday tool that takes the friction out of MX record-keeping and helps your entire team function better.

  • Streamlined data-entry tools make it fast and easy to input updates.
  • Our chat-based discrepancy resolution makes communication faster and more accurate. You can even include photos and videos.
  • Relax–our proactive “push” alerts ensure that you never miss a maintenance.
  • The intuitive user interface delivers a true pick-up-and-use experience–no training required.
  • If you can use a smartphone, you can use the app!
Easy snap

Webhook API

Most maintenance-tracking software requires users to “request” the information they need about an aircraft–usually in the form of a status report. With flight data and MX needs constantly changing, that’s a tedious time-waster. The webhooks used by MXTracker trigger events based on an aircraft’s latest flight data. Has a part reached its life limit? Time for a scheduled maintenance? Proactive maintenance alerts are sent to you automatically.

Similarly, our Webhook API enables MXTracker to play well with other software, such as payment or scheduling systems. Ask us about custom integrations.

Very Affordable

Unlike costly legacy systems, MXTracker is incredibly affordable: Unlimited aircraft and $8 per user per month when billed monthly and $6.67 per user when billed annually.

There’s no expensive training or hand-holding required, and even better, there’s no per-aircraft charge to onboard. You can even start for free, and cancel at any time. What are you waiting for?

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A Pilot's Weather App

A Pilot’s Weather App

METARs and TAFs like you’ve never seen before.

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Always Airworthy with MXTracker

Always Airworthy

Absolute confidence that your aircraft is compliant, safe, and ready for flight.

Mxtracker screen flight recording running
Mxtracker screen flight recording running
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WnBUltra Features

WnB Ultra Features

Compute and Share your flight’s weight and balance.

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