157.2 Definition of terms.

For the purpose of this part:

AirportAirport means any airport, heliport, helistop, vertiport, gliderport, seaplane base, ultralight flightpark, manned balloon launching facility, or other aircraft landing or takeoff area.

HeliportHeliport means any landing or takeoff area intended for use by helicopters or other rotary wing type aircraft capable of vertical takeoff and landing profiles.

Private usePrivate use means available for use by the owner only or by the owner and other persons authorized by the owner.

Private use of public landsPrivate use of public lands means that the landing and takeoff area of the proposed airport is publicly owned and the proponent is a non-government entity, regardless of whether that landing and takeoff area is on land or on water and whether the controlling entity be local, State, or Federal Government.

Public usePublic use means available for use by the general public without a requirement for prior approval of the owner or operator.

Traffic patternTraffic pattern means the traffic flow that is prescribed for aircraft landing or taking off from an airport, including departure and arrival procedures utilized within a 5-mile radius of the airport for ingress, egress, and noise abatement.