MX Tracking for Part 135 Operators

The affordable MX tracking solution for air-taxi and charter operators.

Mxtracker aircraft status

Minimize your downtime with MXTracker

Your business runs lean and mean to keep fares competitive and the bottom line growing. Cloud-based MXTracker streamlines your maintenance operation, ensuring that your fleet spends more time in the air, generating revenue.

With MXTracker, you have everything you need to run everything from a single-pilot Part 135 operator to a large Part 121 scheduled operator.

Achieve better safety and productivity

Proactive alerts and prioritized maintenance reminders ensure you never miss a scheduled maintenance. When you have visibility into upcoming events, you’ll purchase and use aircraft parts more efficiently. You can also provide view-only MXtracker accounts to insurance companies, leasing partners, and everyone involved with your Safety Management System (SMS).

MXTracker works wherever you do

Aeyrium’s secure aircraft maintenance tracker app was built to work where you work. Our mobile-first design is built on robust state-of-the-art technology. Whether you operate out of a grass strip in the bush or fly passengers to Burning Man, our offline operation allows pilots to track and record flight data, without any network connectivity.

Here are just a few of the features that MXTracker supports in offline mode:

  • Aircraft Details - The essential status info about an aircraft at-a-glance
  • Fleet Status - Get the status of any aircraft in your fleet at the touch of a button.
Papua plane grass strip

Great for pilots

Just push “start” and flight data is recorded for you, online and off. Use our chat-based discrepancy resolution tools to see if your squawks are resolved. Get aircraft status at the push of a button. It’s like having a mechanic in your pocket.

Effortless for mechanics

All the control of a spreadsheet, but with real-time speed and seamless sharing. Streamlined data-entry tools make updating records a breeze. Proactive, prioritized “push” alerts and reminders ensure that you never miss a maintenance.