Robinson Helicopters

For Robinson Helicopter maintenance, there's no better solution than MXTracker by Aeyrium.


Perfected for Robinson Maintenance Tracking

Aeyrium’s frictionless monitoring and data-sharing eliminates the guesswork, telling your DOM and DOO exactly when your next maintenance is due, so you don’t have to ground your Robinson helicopter “just in case”. Keep that R66 Raven Police Helicopter up and running. Green/yellow/red gives you quick visibility into status. No more ‘going on faith’—or not going at all.

MXTracker Features Include:

Software that works wherever you do

Aeyrium’s cloud-based, secure aircraft maintenance tracker app was built to work where you work. Our mobile-first design is built on robust state-of-the-art technology. Whether you operate a Robinson R66 Turbine Marine for over-water search-and-rescue or an R66 Turbine News Copter for over-city newsgathering, our offline operation allows pilots to fly anywhere while we track and record flight data, with or without network connectivity.

Finally a real alternative to spreadsheets

The era of spreadsheets, text messages and scribbled notes is over. Aeyrium automatically tracks your Robinson helicopter flight data offline and on, displaying alerts about upcoming inspections and scheduled maintenance. Even with its simplified maintenance schedule, accuracy and timely reminders are key to keeping a Robinson R44 in the air.
Tablet components

Team Focused, Team Accessible

Keeping a Robinson helicopter airworthy takes a team that’s coordinated. Aeyrium ensures that your whole team has visibility into the aircraft’s maintenance needs and status. Everyone knows at a glance, because sharing and accessibility are the foundation of Aeyrium’s state of the art maintenance tracking software.

And it doesn’t just stop there. Share read-only access to inspection status, component life-limits and total times with leasing companies, third-party maintenance providers or even your insurance company … at no additional cost!