Affordable Cirrus Aircraft Maintenance Tracking

Cost effective and uncompromising maintenance tracking for your Cirrus fleet

Perfect for Cirrus Vision Jets

You love your Vision jet because you don’t need an entire flight operations department to fly and maintain it. Like the Vision, our MXTracker software blends state-of-the-art-design and ease of use. Enjoy the convenience of a maintenance tracking solution that delivers an authentic, pick-up-and-use experience. Say goodbye to the era of scribbled notes and spreadsheets–or that costly legacy software.

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The Cost-Effective Choice

MXTracker is the first cloud-based aircraft maintenance tracking software that offers elegant, intuitive design and incredible functionality at an equally incredible low price. MXTracker is a secure maintenance tracker that Cirrus pilots, mechanics and owner/operators can confidently share with their entire team.

  • Your first two users are free.
  • MXTracker costs just $6.67 per user, billed annually.
  • Free View-Only accounts keep your partners, leasing companies, or third-party maintenance companies up to date on the status of your Cirrus aircraft
  • Track maintenance schedules for your entire fleet for the same price. There’s no per-aircraft charge with MXTracker.

MXTracker Works Wherever You Do

Your Cirrus business aircraft delivers speed, freedom and superior performance. So does the best aircraft maintenance tracking software. MXTracker’s cloud-based, mobile-first design is built on robust state-of-the-art technology. Offline flight data tracking and proactive maintenance alerts will keep your SR20, SR22 or Vision Jet safe and airworthy.

Pilots Like Us

The Cirrus SR22T may be every pilot’s dream plane, but the hassle of aircraft maintenance tracking can turn your dream into a nightmare. MXTracker makes maintenance tracking a breeze.

No more paper records, random notes and aircraft maintenance spreadsheets. The MXTracker app is designed for quick and efficient mobile use on a smartphone or tablet.

Whether you use your Cirrus for business or pleasure, you can use MXTracker to stay safe and airworthy.

Mechanics Love Us

MXTracker doesn’t require hours of training or hand-holding to use.
  • Most customers can quickly and accurately self-onboard their Cirrus aircraft maintenance records in a day or less.
  • MXTracker comes pre-loaded with Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 data for the Cirrus SR20, Cirrus SR22 and Cirrus SR22T.
  • It’s fast and easy to update your aircraft maintenance data with the latest ADs.
  • Turn an aircraft into a custom template and on-board your fleet even faster

Team Focused, Team Accessible

We know it takes a team to keep an SR20 or SR22 airworthy. Give mechanics, pilots and operators visibility your Cirrus aircraft’s status and maintenance needs. We’ve built sharing and accessibility into every aspect of Aeyrium’s design. It’s easy and inexpensive to keep your extended team in the loop. Share your aircraft’s status, component data, maintenance reminders and flight times with leasing companies, outside maintenance organizations, even your insurance company—everyone who has a vested interest in your Cirrus aircraft will have up-to-date information.
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