Bell Helicopters

For mission critical operations, there is no better Helicopter Maintenance Software for Bell Helicopters than MXTracker.

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Perfected for Bell Helicopter Maintenance

Aeyrium’s frictionless monitoring and data-sharing eliminates the guesswork, telling your Director of Maintenance exactly when your next phased inspection is due, so you don’t have to ground your rotorcraft “just in case”. Keep that Bell 406 up and running. Green/yellow/red gives you quick visibility into status. No more ‘going on faith’—or not going at all.

MXTracker Features Include:

Replace CAMP and spreadsheets

The era of overpriced CAMP, fragile spreadsheets, and scribbled notes is over. MXTracker automatically monitors your Bell helicopter life-limits, displaying alerts about upcoming inspections and scheduled maintenance. Even with its simplified maintenance schedule, accuracy and timely reminders are key to keeping a Bell Ranger in the air.

Optimized for helicopters

Whether you’re a Part 133 operator dealing with complex rotorcraft-load combinations, a Part 135 air taxi service ferrying executives from office to airport, you don’t have to compromise when you use MXTracker to monitor your Bell helicopter maintenance. While other maintenance monitoring software, like CAMP, was primarily built for fixed-wing aircraft, Aeyrium’s MXTracker was designed with deep expertise in helicopter support and operation.

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Team Focused, Team Accessible

Keeping a Bell helicopter airworthy takes a team that’s coordinated. Aeyrium ensures that your whole team has visibility into the aircraft’s maintenance needs and status. Everyone knows at a glance, because sharing and accessibility are the foundation of Aeyrium’s state of the art maintenance tracking software.

And it doesn’t just stop there. Share read-only access to inspection status, component life-limits and total times with leasing companies, third-party maintenance providers or even your insurance company … at no additional cost!

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